Kiln 1

Kiln 1

Editor’s note:

Kiln Press is interested in a writer’s relationship to “place” and how this influences formulations of home, comfort, or alienation. Place can mean a communal landscape, imagined ties to others – like belonging to a collective or writers that use similar styles or writing about the same themes – or even a building that’s been shared for a long period of time, such as Kuykendall Hall, the first and recurring locale that Kiln Press will revisit by publishing work from creative writing alumni of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa  – excerpts from M.A. projects or dissertations – as well ongoing writing from current students and full-length manuscripts.

Kiln 1 places these various writers, who have graduated at different times, next to one another to see how they deal with similar issues and whether a sense of community from this location can become less disparate – more fluid than fixed – despite differences in background or experience.

Kiln Press, like the space represented on the covers, will represent a shared ascension that cannot be restricted to the elevator as container, Kuykendall, or what’s “local” to see potential in what doors will remain closed or can open up to various levels of conversation about what it means to write in Hawaiʻi.



Kelsey Amos, Amalia Bueno, Donald Carreira Ching, M. Thomas Gammarino, Anjoli Roy, and Jade Sunouchi