Paradise Review began as a conversation about home and its multiplicities, foremost of which is complication.  The inclusiveness whirled around the author as a representative of context: ‘what you might define as “home,” your relationship to “place,” and your art’s social function.’

Several years on, Paradise Review continues that interest in writing as domicile.  To be at home in a verse, a scene, or a conversation is to admit to the need for connection.  Paradise takes a lot of baggage on its plane flights; the occasional economy seat acquaintance is a secret delight we can all understand.  There is beauty in the temporary; in the unexpected encounter; in recognition.

Each issue features work from one author and, occasionally, images from one artist.  There may be overt paradisaical themes, or just a conceptual garden to wander around in.



Julia Wieting is editrix and bellatrix.  Query her at brain@paradisereview.org.

Work in Paradise Review is generally solicited from authors.  The only issue for which that is not the case is the annual essay issue.  Details will be forthcoming in summer 2016 about submission guidelines and deadlines.

Authors are welcome to inquire about whether or not their work is welcome to be read. For best results, discuss why the importance of the piece in question and its relevant to this publication.  (Biographies are not discussions.)  Compelling work does not need to have a connection to the Pacific region, but authors should demonstrate how their writing makes space for ambiguities.  Understand that responses may take some time.