Persephone’s Canto to Dionysus by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

when the men took you young
man of curled
sandy hair none of their bonds
could stay
around your wrists and ankles more
slender than mine
your slightness was your savior and the slick
-ness of your skin
eased you into panther’s pelt so you could as a shadow
devour them

when I rise let’s share a casket
of wine
and wrap every altar, mountain, tower, and sea
in ivy


About the Author:
Elizabeth Kate Switaj ( teaches literature, creative writing, and composition at the College of the Marshall Islands. She is the Social Media Editor of Poets’ Quarterly. Her first collection, Magdalene & the Mermaids, is published by Paper Kite Press, and her poems have recently appeared in Red Savina Review, Rust + Moth, and Really System.