WHY IS THERE EVIL by Howard Winn

At seventy percent off the regular price,
you can get all the answers
from someone who knows,
or at least lectures on,
the source of evil.
One knows it is the truth
because the offer appears
on slick paper
in a widely published magazine.
We are promised THE lecture
from a renowned
Professor of Ethics
beloved by students everywhere
or so the blurb promises.
That slick paper ad
in that slick paper periodical
promises resolution
of your ETERNAL dilemma.
Monkey genes?
Educate your self
alone with your television set.
This outstanding lecturer
and academic star
shares his wisdom
with the lesser beings
desperate to know.
All the SOLUTIONS on one DVD
at that attractive seventy percent off
in this special one-time only offer.
Call now.


About the Author:
Howard Winn’s writing, both fiction and poetry, has been published by such journals as
Galway Review (Ireland),Dalhousie Review, Descant (Canada), Break The Spine, Borderlands, Hiram Poetry Journal, New Verse News. His B.A. is from Vassar College. His M.A. is from the writing program at Stanford University. He has done additional graduate work at the University of California San Francisco. His doctoral work was done at NYU. He has been a social worker in California where he also taught for three years and currently is a faculty member of SUNY as Professor of English.