Ear of Imperfection by Gary Mansfield

I ask, lend me

Your imperfect ear;

For it is with such,

I want to hear.


About the Author:

Gary Mansfield, writes poetry, fiction, and essays from his home in Apple Valley, California. Since he retired, on December 21, 2012 from the Federal Government and an assortment of various jobs, he has begun to follow his dreams. Those dreams include writing and publishing his poetry. His current work of poetry, titled The Poet’s Opera, will be completed in 2013, and demonstrates diversity towards the elements of humanity and nature. He holds a Masters Degree in Human Services with an emphasis on Gerontology, which has allowed for an exploration, in poetry, for Baby Boomers and the challenges they face in a free society. A poem, “And So,” will be published on February 9, 2014, in Leaves-Of-Ink.