Three Amiable Friends Met by Jerry Moschopoulos

Three amiable friends met
And confessed their stories,
They narrated with sagacity
Describing blooded dreams of barbarians,
Shells of seductive sirens
And adamantine bridges.
The first one recites about the annihilation
Of human from his fellowman:
-“I was a marshal in glorious front lines,
I knew ambitious generals,
They captured epic tribes,
The only won loots was the pandemonium of preys
And the unbounded darkness of the abyss,
The unique defeater in war is war itself”.
The second one recounts falling in love like a pigeon,
That Aphrodite’s insobriety sweetens like the red wine,
But only the wisest are aware of profound love:
-“In many harbors I buried the memory of the sea,
On every new journey my ship was reconstructed
As Phoenix is being reborn from his ashes,
But I never felt Ithaca’s affection”.
The third one preaches about friendship,
He refers to fellowship as an everlasting value:
-“As God created us out of dust,
And as long as humans will be embosomed
Into earth’s innards,
People will embrace one another
Like a part of their soul”.
Like knights and hunters of chimeras,
They raised their crystal glasses
And they were breastfed by their hopeful visions.
They were pledged by their oath,
That they will irrigate their companionship
Like an amaranthine breath
And none of them will kiss bitterly the truth
Like Judas Iscariot.

About the Author:

Gerasimos Moschopoulos was born in Athens and is currently a student in the University of Piraeus. He wrote his first poem in 2004 as he felt inner motives to compel him. He has continued writing since that day. He has posted several poems and short stories in his blog ( and some of them have been published in other literature Greek web sites. (It’s his first attempt to publish a poem in English and beyond the Greek borders).