Two Poems by Kaitlyn Pijanowski

Drifted like to sea, your thoughts and dreams.
And left behind no swollen space of air.
An open eye will see what only seems
And strain to make out only what is there.
Deny your racks of ruin and your piles of deceit
Vices made from boredom and for lack of reason not
Attacked by smoke, your lungs do risk defeat
So breaths are lost like memories forgot.
Slight in mind and habit-strong, you fare –
Loathed and liked by those with whom you meet
Tightened buttons, loosened ties you wear
Clothed in fear and wrapped in wronged defeat.
Plot revenge – let vengeance plan your ways
And feed forgotten faith of better days.


Does not the sun hide shadow
Behind his shield of light?
Can not the eyes be objects of
Your blindness or your sight?
Do tears not fall in graceful bliss
but also when in grief?
Can memories be blessings
or a present-stealing thief?
Does fear or fast desire
speed the pulse at every measure?
Does steady breath grow shallow
when in pain or quiet pleasure?
Can not bullets claim an ending
and yet also mark the start?
Does love, in time, not hold the strength
to hurt and humor heart?
For one are two and two are one
but each can make it true.
I’ll never know enough, my dear,
to know which one was you.


About the Author:
Kaitlyn Pijanowski is 22 years old and currently an undergrad college student in Illinois. She has been writing her entire life with a special interest in poetry. Most of her work is inspired by relationships and personal hardship – she has struggled with bulimia, alcoholism, and depression, and it is now her objective to to channel her emotions into writing.