Two Photos by Jenean McBrearty

Room At the Top


The Wheel of Life


About the Author:

Jenean McBrearty is a graduate of San Diego State University, and former community college instructor who taught Political Science and Sociology. She received the EKU English Department’s Award for Graduate Non-fiction (2011), and her stories have appeared in a number of publications including Wherever It Pleases, Danse Macabre, bioStories, Cobalt Review, and Black Lantern. Her hobbies include photography and film studies that inform and inspire her writing. Her website is:


Artist’s Statement:

Room At The Top: When I looked up this church bell tower, I wanted to capture how small I felt in the shadow of a symbol of 2012 years of power—a power that has a dark side too. To me, the ominous perspective and black and white colors express the ambivalence of belief. There is no such things as simple faith. I like to shoot in black in white because it reminds me that, although the world may seem black and white, it is actually composed of a thousand shades of grays. I’m a fan of noir.

The Wheel of Life is one in a series of photographs entitled Eastern Meditation on a Western Desert Town—the invention of the wheel was both a blessing and a curse, symbolized by the cracked earth in the foreground. I was intrigued by this configuration of circles because it wasn’t a natural phenomenon, but it wasn’t planned by a wheel-arranger either. It was “accidental art” — the colors of the desert, the white heat of the sun, the melancholy of the discarded—that I happened to record.