Reveille-vous a la Realite by James Piatt

Crimson thoughts nudging vividly through
The hazy film in the prism of my mind,
Blending with painted dreams reflecting and
Expanding vague questions of amorphous form,
Space, and matter and mixing symbolic
Metaphors in my somnambulant senses,

Thoughts floating recklessly in the essence
Of the insatiable never-land of my being,
Are tossed to and fro by vaporous delusions,
Primordial ideas paint dark shadows
On fire lit walls, of my peripatetic Platonic mind,
Becoming ephemeral misperceptions, the

Images become murky delusions lost among
The blurred visions of my surreal world, and
Haunt my daily deliberations of sanity:
Sometimes I sit quietly in caves of reflection
While my soul tries to perceive my emotions,
Then in the morass of my mind, I experience

Uninvited, crimson ethereal obsessions, and
The world implodes into a blank nothingness,
Where I become vaguely contented in my insanity
Amidst the company of other neurotic poets,
My only fear is that my dark insane existence
Will be awakened by some act of sanity, and

I will be forced to awaken to reality, and I will
Take up my pen to express righteous indignation,
At the behaviors of all of those deemed to
Be logical and sane in this damaged world.


About the Author:

Dr. Piatt has two books of poetry forthcoming this year by Broken Publications. Unbound Content will publish a third poetry book, in 2013. He has had over 225 poems published in over three-dozen magazines and anthologies. He spends his summers along side a stream, reading, listening to jazz, penning poetry, and writing short stories and novels.