Matavai Bay by Karim Hetherington


About the Author:

Karim Hetherington is an artist from the UK who fuses graphic styles with surreal abstract and graphic themes, sometimes using collage elements within the compositions. The main media he works with are marker inks and watercolors.


Artist’s Statement:

I was inspired to create a series of small panoramic views of the South Pacific, because it holds a very special place in my heart–all the places like the Cook Islands, Tonga, Hawai’i, and Guam I love–and my favorite place of all, Moorea, in the French Polynesia islands. I decided to do these views depicting Moorea and Matavai Bay in Tahiti; the view of Matavai Bay shows the lighthouse on Point Venus where Captain James Cook set up his telescope to observe the transit of Venus. Both pieces were drawn with pens, markers, and some watercolour flourishes.