AWOL by Daniel Wilcox

Absent without leftovers–

Faceless looks,

Timeless stories of wind’d gone,

Left holding the bags, ugly

Body bags that is;

Not beautiful medals or badges

No texted book, but

Leafed with Bradied photos;


Unattached twittering in this slaughterhouse;

Walled enclaves of every green-vomited zoning

Not to speak of arid Arab springs,

Shariated shards of


Wounded warriors

Who’s to care?


Fiber optics

And virtual bells tolling

Farewelled arms and legs,

Amputated longing;

Left over binary skin




About the Author:    

Daniel Wilcox’s wandering lines have appeared in many magazines including The Danforth Review, Moria, and Word Riot. Two collections of his poetry are in print. Before that he hiked through Cal State University Long Beach (Creative Writing), Montana, Pennsylvania, Europe, Palestine/Israel…worked in a mental institution, sojourned on a reservation, and taught students literature for years. He now lives with his wife on the central coast of California where he ages.